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Fashion bracelets 2013

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In 2013, the fashion dictates the rules of minimalism. However, the brightness and efficiency of accessories not receded into the background. Designers claim that the bracelets are the main decoration of the fair half of mankind. Bright colors, massive, originality of style, variety of materials – all these trendy bracelets 2013.

The most fashionable bracelets 2013

No longer relevant major forms of bracelets. They are able to highlight the fragility of the hand of any woman. According to the rule of famous brand Chanel, bracelets should be worn in pairs on each hand according to the same instance. Ban would not serve compiling challenging tracks of the bracelets of different thickness, even if they are made ​​of different materials, and be diverse in style. Most importantly, the chosen composition was combined with your way. Costume 2013 year will perfectly complement your outfit!

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most fashionable bracelets 2013 bracelets are considered ethnically and antique-style wood bracelets, leather bracelets, romance, bracelets, and many other diverse in form and style this type of jewelry.

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Ethnic style in the fashion bracelets expected in the spring and summer of 2013. Often it is hand-made or hand-made decorations . Popular products in the style of “Shambala”. This Indian technique, in which the large round beads intertwined cords of textiles or leather. Moroccan mosaic, African ornament – the basis of jewelry bracelets in ethno style. This wide bracelets as a hoop made ​​of wood or metal. No exception will be little things pertaining to the ethnic style, decorated with seashells, sea, stones, seeds dried plants.

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Fashion in 2013 reached the popularity of the Greek and antique-style clothing. Bracelets are made in the form of openwork weave of metal with embossed ornaments. Yellow metal skillfully old image of jewelry, making it the oldest, as if made of old gold or tarnished bronze. Designers join a natural material with precious metals, thus turning accessory treasure. Michael Kors decorates rare wood products made from platinum, making jewelry for hand-to jewel.

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A huge amount of this type of jewelry mimic wood products, such as plastic. Often, plastic bracelets are made under the tree, just copying the drawing, which is peculiar to the bark and annual rings in slices.

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Articles of leather has never lost his interest. Every year, the demand is only growing. Yet in 2013, bracelets made of leather are some changes. Fade into the background rough, or rocker in the Gothic style decorations. In the season of 2013, they acquire femininity and elegance. Nothing causes them not. You can safely combine elegant leather accessories with a business suit.

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Romantic jewelry will never go out of fashion. Many designers adhere to the delicate pink and white colors. This combination of roses and buds of pearl pearls. Do not be left without attention bracelets handmade from the finest black lace. Needle women will not be bored doing nothing, you can create these things with their hands.

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The variety in the choice and style bracelets depends on your choice and preferences, the main thing is not to overdo it and do not look like a decorated holiday tree. By choosing to be taken seriously. This season, fashion bracelets 2013 will adorn your wrist to complement any outfit and attracting admiring glances.


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