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Trendy baby clothes “Spring – Fall 2013”

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While the children are still very small, they are all very similar to each other. But it is only at first glance. How can you distinguish your baby to other babies? This can help parents to trendy baby clothes “Spring 2013”. But what spring clothes for children will be at its peak this spring? Sports theme, the theme of nature – it will all be very fashionable among children’s clothing in spring 2013.

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Designers are trying to convey through clothing passion for travel and all sorts of adventures. Therefore, most of the collections of clothes for children will be created with prints of animals, free cut, with elements of hacks.
In case of bad weather fashion designers decided to create a jacket made of waterproof fabric. This spring, as well as last year’s trend is worn effect, especially in denim clothes.
As for color, which will be fashionable in the spring of 2013, then you can safely say the protective coloring, which will certainly please any child. It is also very fashionable to be bright colors: yellow and orange, most of which will be used by designers in the sports of children’s clothing. As casual wear will be a good option sweaters and T-shirts with prints of rock stars and drawings of a nautical theme. The new season of fashion in children’s clothes emphasis is on quality of materials and creative designers.
Choosing clothes for boys

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For young gentlemen in the spring a great way trench coats and double-breasted suit coat, which are perfectly able to warm the baby in bad weather. Coat can also be used as a children’s clothing in the fall of 2013. Obligatory attribute gardebora for boys for the spring and autumn are the Coats and jackets of worn denim. Children’s clothing “Autumn 2013” should have a huge number of pockets, the best secret – on stickers and buttons. There have to fit all sorts of masculine attributes – guns, bullets, balls, sticks, and much more useful. Will look very stylish biker leather jacket, black is best. Just think of the kid in black leather jackets jacket, which is framed in the straps and rivets! Obligatory attribute in a man’s wardrobe should act suspenders.
On the occasion of every kid in the closet to be a two piece suit with a bow tie. In the upcoming season, it is best to choose a beige or dark blue colors in clothing for boys.
Dress up little princesses

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Children’s clothing Summer 2013 Girls returns to the leopard shades. This coloring can be chosen for t-shirts, skirts or shoes. Do not forget that leopard print should present no more than 1-2 items of clothing. The children’s clothing Summer 2013 will also be fashionable combination of delicate pink and gray. They can be used again in skirts or T-shirts .
Clothes for the little princesses in 2013 must first be elegant. It can include severe by colors and cutting out things that can be enhanced with various accessories. The mod will be a different animal prints. By choosing such clothes should be given to the fact that large animals applications must be central to any outfit, which is put on the child. Accessories and other clothing can be monochrome colors, without a touch of color.
For walks in the park girls can dress up in a plaid dress with lacquered shoes. For special occasions are perfect dresses with lace, ruffles and frills.
An excellent course will combine feminine dresses with style military. Folk motifs, tropical vegetation – all of this will be a real trend of children’s clothing in 2013.

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In general fashion trends of 2013 in children’s clothes do not make any rigid framework for parents and their kids, the main thing – to choose suitable, complementary outfits that will appeal to the very dear children.


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  1. Cool fashionable clothing for baby. Surely it help for those parents who want their baby on the trend today.

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