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Christmas Outfits 2013

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5 Christmas Outfits To Take You From Opening Presents To

Church To A Large Family Dinner

Christmas is a big day for many of us. Children are excited to see what Santa has left for them, parents are thrilled to see the looks on their kids’ faces, family members are getting ready to welcome large groups for even larger meals and people are setting off for church. There’s a lot to do in one day, and the activities vary in degree of formality, so the question is: What to wear?

There’s pajamas for drinking cocoa and opening presents, then jeans for putting together bicycles or trying out your new roller blades/scooter/horse, a respectful outfit for going to church and then something with a stretchy waist for a big Christmas dinner. Rather than worry about four different outfits, how about just wearing one?

Here are a few ideas, plus some shoppable looks, guaranteed to meet all your holiday needs.

  1.  A knee-length, fit-and-flare dress works, especially with a cardigan and tights. You can sit on the floor without worrying about pulling an Anne Hathaway thanks to the tights, the volume in the skirt will conceal your turkey-dinner bulge and the cardigan is demure enough for church.
  2.  Black pants with a nice sweater are comfortable and sophisticated. And all it takes is one undone button to allow room for that second helping of pumpkin pie.
  3.  A jersey wrap dress is comfortable, yet flattering. This frock is perfect for those travelling far for the holiday. It takes up little space in your suitcase and you are sure to be appropriately dressed at church. Add tights for manoeuvrability and coverage.
  4. Pajama-inspired pants are OK, as long as it’s very clear that they are not pajamas. Go for a nice fabric (like silk), and try a patter, or a pretty colour. Add a blazer and you’re sure to be warm and comfortable.
  5. Please do not wear jeans or shorts to church. It’s just never appropriate, no matter which vacation town you’re in.



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