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Trendy coats 2014

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Interesting styles and colors best

Plush fur always enjoyed great popularity among the fair sex, and coats for a long time considered to be an indicator of luxury. They not only warm their mistresses during severe frosts, but also demonstrate the high social status of its owner.

In winter fashion coats certainly remain an important feature stylish and beautiful women. Fashion houses each year produce a collection of winter clothing and accessories, trimmed with fur.

Despite the fact that faux fur also has its fans, most designers still remain true natural fur. Synthetic materials are considerably inferior to natural not only in quality and appearance, but also in their properties: they are not as well warm in cold weather and can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, fur coats are more in demand.

Trendy coats 2014

Trendy coats 2014

Trendy coats 2014: Universal Length

Prabal Gurung
Because the new season, designers decided to combine luxury and practicality in one fashion concept in 2014, on the podium almost invisible fur, drop down to the floor.

With an emphasis on maximum comfort with interesting stylistic decision, designers produce collections of fashion coats 2014, the length of which comes only to the knee.

No less popular are also coats, covering the hips or even just the waist.


Trendy coats 2014

Tom Ford

A wide range of fashionable coats 2014 lets you choose even the most demanding women. Designers give their preference to a different kind of fur, but the advantage still for fur beaver, mink and sheepskin. They can be safely called the most fashionable in 2014.

While creating their collections designers have made a bold decision, playing on the contrast of a variety of types of fur.

Trendy coats 2014

Trendy coats 2014

Such models are perfect for girls who love unusual coat. Mixing styles is often recognized allowed dilute boring model, finished their luxurious fur fox and mink.

Wearing a fur coat will not only look stylish and confident in any situation, but does not deliver the discomfort due to the light and pleasant fur.


lover of outrageousness in the coming season are very lucky. Designers largely focused on girls and women with extravagant taste. So now you can not be afraid of being branded as too eccentric, dressed, for example, in a fur coat with stand-up collar.

2014 fashion styles of fur coats offer girls and women to diversify your style . But those who do not wish to depart from the classics and quiet elegance, also will be pleased: coat length just above the knee perfectly accentuate their femininity. 2014 fashion fur decorated with a wide belt, promises to be a real hit of the coming season.

Color prints and fashionable coats 2014

Color prints and fashionable coats 2014

Just Cavalli
In 2014, the choice of colors girls must rely solely on your own preferences, as in the coming season will feature a variety of colors and shades fashion coats.

Those who adhere to the classical tradition and prefer more relaxed coloring, can choose the model of the traditional colors: black, white or brown.

More extravagant girls can opt for fashionable coats 2014 bright colors of poisonous pink, blue or yellow.

Will also be an excellent option fur with animalistic prints: leopard or zebra. Adhering to the fashion trends, you can choose a fur coat, more like a canvas of artistic experimentation, where there is space and strip, and cell and zigzag. This year, it will not look as shocking, and become a full-fledged trend.

Trendy coats 2014: fur capes

Trendy coats 2014: fur capes

Fur stoles give the image of romance and elegance. They differ not only in the feminine silhouette, but also help to hide figure flaws, such as broad shoulders or imperfect press.

Fashionable fur capes-2014, promising to gain popularity this winter, characterized by a lack of sleeves and trapezoidal brim. This model will look great with leather gloves or mittens with fur.

This cape can safely go as a date, a secular party, and in the theater

Roberto Cavalli

Such a fur coat can be worn not only in winter, but in the fall she will save from the autumn rains and warm in chilly weather. Most of the models beautiful belt buckle replaces underlining figure. So afraid that you sell, not worth it. This fashionable coat in 2014 will be the ideal choice of outerwear for autumn. For fur, do not worry, he impregnated a special tool, water repellent.

The abundance of a wide variety of styles and colors of fashion coats 2014 makes pleasant choice and limitless. A interesting design solutions make the process of selecting the top winter clothing truly fascinating. This winter, each girl will be able to find his coat from direct silhouette without the collar to the stylish fur capes, cover up the waist.















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