Friday , 24 February 2017
Whats New in Fashion Style


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Fashion Accessories 2013


Accessories trend for fall – winter 2013 year will be the fur , it will be at the peak of


Fur no longer be justified on jackets and coats, he migrated to the boots, bags,

coat, cap and shoes, in a word in the area of ​​accessories it everywhere – this

showed world designers.

Untitled-8 copy

Another trend will be the skin of reptiles different from snake skins

( eg Python) to the crocodile in the same fashion embossed leather, it will be

much cheaper than this. Leather is fashionable to everything. The skin can be

the most vivid colors and painted a gradient fill. This trend will be relevant

at least another two seasons.

Untitled-7 copy

The trend on all bright and shining .

All bright and glittering perfect for a cold autumn – winter

2013. Decor sequins, stones, crystals – Accessories upcoming season.

Brilliant gloves, bags, boots, purses, heels. Decor pearls, stones, many


Untitled-6 copy

The trend of the season , “exaggerated” klachi – an envelope for the tablet.

Clutch keeps pace with technology and time and a lot has changed since its

creation. Now he has to accommodate a JPAD , with this tie its size.

It is in this clutches JPaD can take with you anywhere, even on the club scene.

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A new trend for fall – winter 2013 Year – elongated gloves.

This trend has taken a long time a strong and consistent trend in women’s locker room

and many designers have again and again confirm this and can not give up this

ladies accessories.

Untitled-4 copy

Trend and became the shoes in men’s style. loafers are also popular, moccasins, brogues,

oxfords. Became a fashionable cut, square toe with boots, shoes and slippers.

Untitled-3 copy

And in general in the coming season autumn – winter 2013 года there is a general

tendency to hypertrophy – it’s not just bags – clutches, but also hats,

scarves, gloves, belts, coats, jewelry, fur collars.

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